Upside down

I never know where I’ll go when I start out with these drawings, but they always end up somewhere unexpected.

In this one, I thought it would be fun to try an upside down approach:

I was a bit unsure about which way to present it.

If you turn your screen around you can see if you agree with my decision or not 😉

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  1. Years back I took a beginning drawing class. Some of us students (including myself) were intimidated trying to sketch people. So the teacher gave us all a photo and told us to turn it upside down and draw it. We discovered that we looked at the photo as just another still object/landscape– with our final results being quite appealing. Sometimes I still test myself whenever doing sketches of people– especially faces.

    1. That sounds like a very interesting task. I’ve never heard about that before 🙂

      Drawing or painting humans (or other living creatures for that matter) was a very scary thing in the start. Just making them look right, and find a style that works. But in the end I just had to start somewhere, and try to work my way through to something that felt right.

      When I look back at old paintings or drawings they look quite empty, since I never added any living creatures. I remember being to scared to do it though, in case it would all get ruined 🙂

      Now I’ve found a way to add them, that works for me 🙂

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