Cafe Street – Done

In my last post I’d just finished a pen drawing showing a busy cafe street.

It looked like this:

It was not all done, though, as I wanted to add a stroke of watercolour to it.

It took me about one and a half hours laying it, making sure I didn’t paint across the lines.

A bit like being back doing childrens colouring books again.

Anyway, it ended up like this:

I think it ended up quite nice.

The house on the far right is a bit dull, bit that got effectively ruled out when I added a frame to it:

I’m picturing a scene from Southern Europe on a warm summer day, with people buzzing about.

Hopefully it’ll be a reality after all this is over.

Hope everyone is staying calm and healthy 🙂

10 kommentarer om “Cafe Street – Done

  1. Hope it won’t be too long before we see real crowds like this again. Personally, I liked that far right building, because its partial beginning gave continuity to the rest of the street scene, instead of squaring off at the end of the yellow building. Still, your final result is a really nice piece of artwork.

    1. Let’s hope not! I see what you mean there, about the building making the street keep on going. I just really disliked how the paint turned out on it. I’ll keep it in mind for further paintings, though. Thank you for the kind words and the insight 🙂

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