A difficult return to watercolours

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately doing digital drawings in a new style.

The rest of the time I’ve been doing pen drawings in my sketchbook, using the same style 🙂

So I figured it was time for a visit back to watercolours, to make sure I kept my hands warm with the medium.

My last efforts ended up pretty decent, for my skill level, with a few marine paintings:

So I thought it would basically end up in the same way this time, you know.

I’ve got this now.. 🙂

Well, it didn’t turn out quite that way.

I didn’t use enough time planning, both in regards of colours and scenery, and did a quick sketch and wash:

I then rushed into the next layer, and before I knew it the painting was gone:

I’ll take it as a lesson, though, that you can’t simply «know watercolour painting» and expect a good outcome by just starting painting something.

Who knew…

But if you want to have a look at my watercolour paintings that did turn out quite well, you can do so in my gallery 🙂

8 kommentarer om “A difficult return to watercolours

    1. That’s a real effort, right there 😃 It does feel wrong with all the «undo’s» sometimes, but how wonderful isn’t it to just sit in the sofa carefree and have a go at the Ipad ☺

  1. I have a hard time going back and forty from digital to traditional . The digital interface can really throw me as i just have to always think about what im doing. I was just going to write about that today on my blog.

    1. It’s a real luxury being able to do quick and easy corrections on digital pieces, and I guess that makes me a bit lazy as well. With watercolour there are really no room for error, so that was a tough change of medium ☺

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