The sewing challenge

I got challenged to do a sewing related painting, to be hanged on the wall in a sewing room.

This was a very big challenge for me, as I’ve never painted anything remotely related to sowing.

I got a guideline, though, to make something showing a sowing machine, and preferably with some bright colours in it.

So I did some searching on google, looking at what other people had painted showing sowing machines, and basically decided to just have a go at it using my own style.

So this is how it ended up:

The sewing project

I hope it’s pretty clear, but the very red field is supposed to be fabric coming through the machine, and was used as a way to kind of «ground» the painting.

I also splashed on some paint to meet the request of using strong colours.

The day after I painted it, when it was dry, I mounted it in a frame and it’s now ready for delivery looking like this:

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  1. This painting resonates for me – I recently was sewing up a red sail for my sailboat. I even blogged about it. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my recent posts. Through painting and boats, and now sewing, you and I have some common grounds. And by the way, one of your countrymen is building a sailboat like mine – another common item. Carry on with your painting – I love your style.

    1. How fun! 🙂 I love when there’s a connection to any of my work, and it looks like the sail ended up very nice 🙂

      We definitely have some common ground, then. And I’m planning on lot’s more of boat paintings in 2020.

      And thank you for all the kind words 🙂

  2. So full of energy and pzaz with those swirls and paint splots . Love it Kim .. you certainly rose to the challenge … and it looks super framed !

    1. Thanks again! 🙂 I was a bit nervous about the whole ordeal, but I knew the second I finished it that this was as good as it could be for me 🙂 Now it hangs on the wall of the sewing room, and I’m happy with how it turned out 🙂

  3. This is perfect in every way; the colours, the spontaneity of the splashes, the bold piece of material as grounding as you say…it will be an awesome addition to the sewing room.

  4. It’s quite wonderful and will be perfect for a sewing room! The red is easily known as fabric and I love the way you added the swirls of lavender to the sides. They feel like the movement of sewing itself. When the fabric flies and the stitches come together. Beautifully done! 😊🌷

    1. Thank you, Ellie!☺ I’m glad the fabric came out clear. I was a bit worried it would all just blend together in a big mess. The swirls was an idea that just popped up in my mind, but I do feel it gives it all a sense of movement ☺

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