Boats in the sand – third edition

After getting in a couple of good sessions drawing boats in the sand, I’ve just gotten hooked on the scenery.

So I decided to have another go, but this time with some even stronger colours and more emphasise on trying to get the boats to look more real.

Well, my first try did actually take a wrong turn right from the start, so I ended up throwing the whole paper away after painting for probably five minutes…

Then I made a quick sketch, started over, and ended up with this one:

I think this one, because of the stronger colours and the more realistic boats, is my best watercolour painting so far.

I’m very pleased with the whole look, but a bit insecure regardng if the person walking on the promenade in the top left corner is a positive feature or not.

Anyway, I wanted to see the painting in a frame as fast as possible, and this is how it looked:

6 kommentarer om “Boats in the sand – third edition

  1. It looks great, and as noted better off with the figure.

    As a compositional element there’s not much which beats the addition of a human figure, even if it’s a solitary tiny figure our brains are drawn to it.

  2. Figures in a painting always add interest in my opinion, especially if in real life, figures would be there, like on a promenade. A deserted promenade looks a bit creepy in my opinion. Right decision to add them

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