Sun but no sea

You might be a bit tired of it, but at the moment I just can’t get enough of painting boats lying in the sand.

It’s just something about the contrasts, and the way they’re lying there waiting for the tide to come back in.

I’ve also had a lot of inspiration from watching tutorial videos by Tim Wilmot for the last six months, which paint a lot of these sceneries.

So, my first two paintings of 2020 looked like this:

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve decided that 2020 is going to be the year when I start to plan paintings, and go slow enough for me not to overpaint them.

I think the two first ones were a very pleasing step towards this goal.

And my third painting ended up pretty decent as well:

Qualitywise there is still a way to go, but I think I’m starting to see a certain style and context emerge from my sessions.

I can’t wait to start on another one.

But I find that I need to kind of reset my mind and expectations before each painting.

Or else I fall back on old, bad habits, jumping into new paintings with no plan and loads of confidence.

That combination usually doesn’t work out for me at all 🙂

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    1. I haven’t really thought about it. I like a bit of spatter, but it may be a bit too much. It could probably be spread more even around the paper, anyway. Thanks for the feedback ☺

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