Boats in the sand – second edition

So my first watercolour of 2020 ended up like this:

As I wrote in the post regarding the painting, I was very happy with how it ended up.

Not with how it ended up looking, really.

But the fact that I actually took the time to plan the painting beforehand, stopped half way through to make an assessment of the prosess, and was able to stop before it got overworked.

So, the important thing for me after finishing the painting was to be able to do the same thing all over again.

And, happily enough, I thought that went rather well.

I want to spend more time on my watercolour painting in 2020, with an emphasis on the marine life.

So I decided to paint some more boats lying in the sand somewhere.

Not based on anywhere I’ve been, really, just adding some surroundings by imagination.

I’m quite happy with how it ended up.

I only did one layer on the sky and buildings in the back, to create the effect of them being far away.

The wall in the back I decided to paint in blue, so it would stand like a complimentary colour to the orange sand.

The boats ended up in quite a loose style, which I generaly aim for.

The people could be a bit looser, but all in all they’re not that bad.

So, now I just have to keep on going, and don’t lose focus 🙂

And, by the way, I put it in a frame a couple of days after I painted it, and this is how that looked:

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