Fish City 2.0

I looked through my earlier work on Procreate last night.

Just to confirm that I had no more previous paintings or drawings that I wanted to freshen up and add to my digital gallery.

This because I’ve been making some changes to my site, trying to feature a more clear style in the work shown in my galleries.

One of the decisions I’ve made is that all digital pieces needs to be coloured.

This again means that all my earlier drawings which is in black and white either needs to be coloured or let go.

I was sure I was done with the process of refurbishing old drawings, but I then had a second look at this drawing:

It looked kind of dull in black and white, but I started wondering how it would look if I added some strong colours to it.

Well, this is how:

In retrospect I’m very glad I found it and had another go at it.

It turned out rather nice, and is now part of my digital gallery.

Now, however, I feel pretty confident that I’ve completed all my old digital work, and are ready to start up with some new stuff 🙂

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