Cleaning up and killing some darlings

I’ve now spent most of my time in 2020 working on this site.

More precise I’ve been cleaning it up a bit, and killing a lot of darlings.

I just need to do it now to be able to concentrate on the styles and mediums I want to get better at in 2020.

The site just looked so untidy, and I want it to take a more clear direction when it comes to my work.

Anyway, cleaning it up means removing a lot of widgets, slides, featured posts and texts.

Killing some darlings is a saying I’ve learned through journalism, and means to cut parts of your story which you really like to make the whole article better.

In regards of this site that means removing a lot of paintings, drawings, sketches and comics from my galleries which I do like, to make the site look cleaner and better.

Some of them really did hurt to take down from the galleries, but I know that they are still out there in my posts or in my timeline gallery.

In the end I’m quite happy with how the site ended up.

I think it’s a lot more straightforwardly and user friendly, and each gallery now features a certain style to keep building on.

Please have a look if you want to, and give me some feedback 🙂

Anyway, due to my programming efforts with the site most of my creative time in this period has been spent drawing on my Ipad.

This is my latest contribution, and is basically a coloured version of a digital painting I made a while back.

It originally looked like this:

Out to sea

With some colours added, it now looks like this:


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