A sketch with some colours

I’ve decided that 2020 is the year where I’ll try to specialize my efforts a bit.

I’ll try my best to actually plan a painting, and not just do something on a whim and see how it goes.

I’ll try to find some chosen mediums and motives to get better at, and not just try out random stuff in a random order (allthough I will do stuff like that when I need a break once in a while).

Yes, I’ll lose some of the playful approach to it all, but I just feel that it’s time to take my efforts a bit further.

So my thought right now is that the marine life is a theme I want to specialize in. Not just boats and harbours, but seas and waves as well.

Watercolour and oil are the mediums I want to spend more time on while doing this.

I also want to work more on my drawing lines. Especially my people drawing, which I had some efforts at a while back.

Just drawing them in a loose style, making my hand do the work.

Like this one:

They turned out rather nice, I think. And are difinitely something to keep building on.

Anyway, I did a little practice, to see if I could recreate the style.

I came close, but they looked a bit more old fashioned in my new version. To make it a bit more interesting, I added some colours as well.

I’ll have another go in my next session 🙂

PS: To see my favourite digital pieces you can visit my digital gallery

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    1. Thank you, Laureen 🙂 I do certainly try to find my own style nowadays, and I’m starting to feel that I’m on to something with this one. It basically takes five seconds to make the shapes of a person, which I do think gives them a certain energy (and I can’t really make them if I try to use more time, really…)

      Of course, doing digital drawings makes it easy to remove bad attempts and replace them with new shapes, but I also do a lot of practice with my pens and pencils. I’ll try to add them in my paintings for 2020 as well 🙂

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