Getting some paintings behind frames

I’ve been storing all my watercolour paintings in a drawer for the last year.

Unfortunately it makes me forget all about them, and what I possibly can do with them.

I was going through the drawer the other day.

At the same time I noticed that I had some unused frames standing by the wall.

So I decided to put them together, and it turned out quite nice:

They are now at display in my little store front, which I’m filling up step by step.

I think I’ll have framing more in mind from now on, if there are paintings I find nice enough for it.

22 kommentarer om “Getting some paintings behind frames

  1. Greetings, Norway is the place for watercolors. Every time it inspired me to paint the fjords right before my balcony. Go to! make the best of the sea, air and mountains!

    1. Thank you very much, Anna. I didn’t have any mats for these ones, but I’ve bought a bunch for future framings. They certainly raise the whole painting another level 🙂

  2. Trust me Kim nearly all of your paintings are good enough for frames. You home in on little imperfections that most of us don’t even see. 😊

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