Having a go at some boats!

I feel that my style has loosened up a bit through the last weeks, which pleases me.

The quality of the paintings, though, is something I have to keep working on.

Anyway, I wanted to paint some boats in a sunset the other day, and this is how it turned out:

To sum up; I’m both pleased and displeased with it.

I like the boats on the far left and far right side.

The boat in the middle ended up a bit muddy and dark.

Tha painting itself could also have some brighter colours.

But, I’m choosing to focus on this boat:

I really like how it turned out, in the kind of loose style I was going for.

The red fading colour also suits the painting, I think.

So, I’ll take this with me for my next session, hoping to keep taking some steps forward 🙂

PS: All my favourite watercolour paintings can be viewed in my watercolour gallery

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