Another go at a barn in a field

My last attempt on painting a barn in a field ended up like this:

As I wrote in my blog post, I was not very happy with the outcome.

So I decided to have another go at it, with a different barn in a different field.

I wanted the colours to blend more.

The barn to not be overpainted.

To finish the painting exactly at the right time to not overwork it.

And to paint with less detail, as I always strive to do.

It ended up like this:

To sum up; I think it’s better than the first one.

The colours have a better blend.

The barn is a bit flat and overpainted.

I may have finished a couple of minutes too late.

I would like to have painted with less detail.

BUT it’s better, and that’s something to take with me for my next attempt, which is sure to come at some point 🙂

Have a pleasant day!

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