A little recap of 2019

Previously I’ve written more of an essay when trying to sum up the year that has passed.

I realize that the only one who can bear reading all the way through it, though, is me.

I’ve therefore decided to keep it short this time.

To sum up; 2019 was the year where I first tried acrylics, and really got into my watercolour painting.

My acrylics effort ended up with some nice results, I think.

These are my personal favourites:

Most of my time was spent doing watercolours, though.

It’s the most exciting, frustrating, challenging and fun time I’ve had since finishing my very first painting in 2015.

There is still a looooong way to go, but when I look through my gallery, there are a few pieces I’m pretty proud of:

I know I’ll be doing a lot more watercolouring in the time coming, and find it’s my main obsession at the moment.

I think the possibilities are endless if I just learn to master the medium.

But I know that’ll take years and years, if I ever manage it.

And last, but not least, there have been some digital work in 2019 as well.

This is more of a cozy medium, picking up the Ipad when I have some spare time not suited for a painting session.

Minutes turn into quite an amount of hours through a year, though. So there are a few pieces to show:

Well, I decided to keep it short this year, so I think I’ll end it here.

If you’ve read all the way through that’s really great, and be sure to leave a reply if you have any thoughts about my work.

Now I look forward to keep on working in 2020, and hope you’ll have a great year too!

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  1. Nice stuff on here! I missed a lot of posts at the end of last year and this summary was nice on my eyes, haha! Keep up the good work, you’ve been painting for a shorter time than me and surpassed the range of mediums that I use – I tend to lock myself in and don’t experiment enough. I like how open minded you are and determined to try new things, that’s a good quality, and consistent with your work. And so far what I’ve seen in 2020 from your Instagram is looking nice too!

    1. Thank you so much, Kate 🙂

      It’s been a lot of mediums over the years, and funnily enough I’m now trying to reign it in a bit. That being not trying out any new mediums at the moment (just sticking with the seven;)), and trying to create a certain style to keep building on. That’s basically what I’ve been posting for the last months on Instagram 🙂

      It’s fun to follow your journey as well, and the nice videos you’ve been posting 🙂

  2. Hi Kim. Cars and TW – It was more that some artists online when trying to describe the process, go da-de-da, a quick wave of the brush and its done (really I suspect down to having a lot of practice) -I didn’t mean any reflection on your cars, and do I have room to talk?!
    I know very little about Norway and am probably poorly imformed – all triple glazing ,big jumpers and rugged individuals with coffee machines out there in quite harsh conditions? And you’d probably like Cornwall, especially on a warm and pleasant summers day, though they can also have mist,fog or rain ,sometimes for weeks on end. I once worked there over a ‘summer’. The first two days were sunny and then it rained every day for three months! Still I’m going off the point. Thanks for the reply and keep up the good work B

    1. Oh, no, I got what you meant. I was just saying that I do struggle with painting cars in general 😀 I’ll be sure to check out the weather forecast before I go, then. It’s on my list 🙂

  3. Hi Kim. Good post – and piffy! I like it . My favourite from these that have survived the bin is «A Harbour View» – thats got some nice touches in it. I take it you are familiar with Tim Wilmot on your travels on the web?

    1. Thank you, Bryan! I’m very pleased with how that one turned out 🙂 Absolutely. Tim Wilmot’s tutorials are my main resource and inspiration for learning watercolour painting. I think ten of these paintings are done from tutorials by him 🙂 I’ve linked to his videos in the posts I’ve written related to these paintings, but I see that the credit is gone now that the posts are getting old. I’ll add that to the names. Harbour evening is probably my favourite, though, as I made that all on my own 🙂

      1. Hi Kim. Good stuff. Tim Wilmot does have a way of representing things with just a few strokes – good at cars, that kind of simplified figure and shadows amongst other things. I think one of his – a Spanish parking lot and supermarket – probably inspired me to start trying urban landscapes and the like – and this I’m relatively new at myself. Do you have much access to harbours and fishing boats? Here it is the odd holiday down to Cornwall – and this year I will probably buy mysell a pair of cheap wellies to go wadding around the odd harbour at low tide! Bonne Chance! B

      2. I certainly do struggle to get those cars right….

        The ocean and marine life means a lot to me, and is probably my favourite theme when it comes to painting and drawing. I grew up in a coastal city called Ålesund (Aalesund), which is located on the west coast of Norway. My grandparents live on an Island called Runde, which has The Faroe Islands as it’s nearest neighbour to the west. I’ve therefore had a lot of hours by the harbour, or being out on wavy boat rides. Now I live a bit further north in a town inside a fjord. It’s not as wild as out by the coast, but there is quite a bit of marine life as well. I don’t think I can live somewhere whithout access to the ocean, really.

        Wadding around in some wellies sounds splendid on a warm summer day. And I just love those Cornwall sceneries with boats lying on the sand waiting for the tide to come in. We don’t have that here 🙂

  4. You were a busy bee indeed! Well done. Soon you will have to change your tagline, as you are moving away from being a «novice». I especially like the watercolor paintings that combine nature scenes with architectural elements.

    1. Thank you very much, Laureen 😀 It sounds scary removing the novice-word, though. My bin is still quite full 😉 I do agree about the combined scenes. I’ve never thought about it before, but it does make the paintings look more interesting 🙂

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