A colourful goat

It’s back to the animal drawings again, and this time it’s all about the goat.

I’ve never drawn a goat before, but I found one in a tutorial book I bought a few years ago and basically just tried to copy it’s main features.

First by pencil, then by pen.

The pen drawing turned out like this:

I’m actually happy with how it turned out, so I was a bit unsure whether or not to colour it.

After some thought, though, I decided that adding some colour rarely makes a drawing look worse. Quite the contrary.

The goat in the tutorial book I used were just brown all over, so I decided to shake things up a bit.

Brown was part of the markers I picked out for the job, but I also added some yellow and blue to the mix.

This is how it ended up:

As I hoped, adding some colour made the whole drawing quite a bit more interesting.

Adding some unusual colours made it pop some more.

All in all a fun and relaxing piece 🙂

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