A Blue Wave

I had such a blast picking up the acrylic paint again in my last session, so I decided to have another go at it right away.

Using acrylics I find that a looser style seem to suit my technique best, as I struggle to paint close details and make well blended color.

Anyway, I really love the sea and the life on the coast, so I decided to make a shoreline painting using a lot of blue.

Maybe a bit too much blue…

I added a background colour of dark blue paint before I used a palette knife to kind of scrape on different shades of blue on top.

As a focal point I painted a big wave with some rocks in front.

This is how it looked:

I like that the palette knife technique makes the painting look a bit stormy. The colors could have been more varied, though.

It may have been a bit too much blue in the end.

Nonetheless, another very fun session!

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