Back to painting!

It’s been a while since my last painting session.

A lot longer since my last painting session using acrylic paint.

So I decided to pick up my palette knife again.

I didn’t really have a plan for what I was going to paint, I just wanted to use the medium again.

So I spent a some minutes figuring out what to make, and came up with kind of an abstract flower bouquet.

First I used some different gradients of blue for the background, using a palette knife to kind of scrape the paint onto the canvas.

I wanted to make the impression on light coming in from the right side, so I used lighter and lighter tones when working my way across the canvas.

That being done I kept using the palette knife to add a vase with some flowers on top.

This is how it looked:

I think the painting turned out well.

One thing could be better, though.

The red and yellow colours of the flowers are a bit flat. Simply because I struggle to blend acrylic paint in a satisfying way.

It just won’t come together properly.

Anyway, it was really nice getting back to the medium, and there will definitely be some more sessions in the following days.

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