Photos of paintings

I’ve been trying a new technique lately for making more out of my paintings.

Basically by buying a photo tent and a photo printer.

The process is as follows:

I put my painting in the photo tent, adding light by using two LED-lamps.

I then take a photo with my camera, and give it a quick edit in photoshop to adjust colours and sharpness.

I then print it out on a glossy photo paper using my Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000.

And, at last, I put it in a frame with a passepartout.

It has cost me some money, but I think it’ll be a great way to be able to give away some of my paintings as gifts – or sell them – and still have the original file to share later on.

Anyway, this is how it looks, and you can also see them in my shop

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  1. I am a beginner and I still struggle with taking good pictures of my artworks. Your blog gave me some ideas so thank you for writing this. Here is what I am upto from few days so I can paint regularly. –

    1. Hi, Heli! Thank you for the comment. I’m glad if I’ve inspired you in any way 🙂 I take most of my photos using my phone, but for the ones I like best I use a SLR camera and a photo tent. I then adjust the colours in photoshop, and print them out on a photo printer 🙂

  2. Looks good, perhaps could do with some backlight behind the frame for the photo? Just to eliminate the shadow around the plant.

    Shouldn’t matter as the picture is in the frame but Etsy people seem to like the bright white clean look.

    Best of luck with it 😁

    1. Thanks, Steve 🙂 That’s a good idea, but I need a third light for it. I bought two led lights with the tent, but I need both of them in front to kind of equalize each others light. I’ll consider that 🙂 Since publishing this post I’ve done kind of a radical change, though, and made my own shop on my site 😀

      1. It depends. I looked into those fancier mat cutters by Logan and some of them are very expensive. But it might be cheaper in the long run. By the way, how do you flatten your paintings?

      2. Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t done any research about mat cutting, so that might be a good way to do it in the long run :). I just got a bit eager, as usual, and didn’t have any time to check out other options 😉

        About the paintings: I use the Saunders Waterford watercolour paper, which comes glued together 20 sheets in a pile. I simply paint on the sheets when they’re still glued together, and let it dry completely before I cut it off. It tends to turn out pretty straight and flat. If not I just toss a huge book over it and let it squeeze 🙂

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