Some kind of duel

Maybe I’ve been reading too much Harry Potter, because my recent digital drawing ended up as some kind of magical duel..

There’s something special about those magical books, which is probably why they are so popular. Not only for children, but grown ups to.

It may be a world we were dreaming about as kids, having amazing powers to do amazing things. A world that may be hard to let go of as adults.

The Harry Potter books led me to read a lot more fantasy books featuring magic, like The Night Circus, The Kingkiller Chronicle and Lord of the Rings. They all gave me loads of fun reading.

Anyway, I like how light and bubbly the drawing looks. And there’s a certain excitement and voltage in whats going to happen next.

I don’t know, so you’ll have to imagine it yourself 🙂

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  1. The concept is my sort of humor. I’d craft a similar piece, myself. I notice some room for improvement in the details of the figures, namely the boots on the cowboy waving his wand. [The feet look backward.] I also see we both struggle with depicting cowboy hats. 😛 But, don’t feel too bad; so did the animators for the cartoon series Galaxy Rangers, about four cowboy-police-like people sent far into space to maintain intergalactic order with some sci-fi gadgets and peculiar super powers supplied by some implants.

    1. I do agree with the boots looking backward. Their feets are also kind of quirky (or maybe just a bit stiff). I don’t know what the hats are, to be honest. They just ended up on their heads by a whim 😛

      1. Not just the boots, to be quite honest. [The legs look a bit pipe-cleaner-ish.]

        Well…maybe look at some models. I may have dismissed still-life pieces for a long time, for being boring copies of inanimate objects…but now I see they are exercises in reproduction and observation. As we hone our minds to observe every curve and line of a shape, we improve our ability to reproduce that in an image.

    1. Thanks, Jo. I’m considering a re-read of the series myself. And it’s just two years since I read it for the first time.. ☺ I guess Fantastic beasts are kind of another series, but there are only the screenplays to read ☺☺

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