Drawing a few faces

These are some faces I drew in my sketchbook the other day.

I really admire all the talented people out there who are able to make well proportioned faces with spontaneous strokes and nice highlights.

I hope to be able to do the same one day, but, for now, these will have to do 🙂

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  1. No no, I’m glad you gave me some pointers ☺ I just mentioned it so it won’t look like I disregarded all your input in my next drawings 😉 I would love it if I’m able to improve on my face proportions ☺

  2. Hey Kim, good for giving it a go. If I may offer a couple of proportion guides I tend to have in the back of my mind when doing portraits ;
    1. Eye-line halfway down the head shape – not including hats, hairstyles, double-chins, etc.
    2. Eye-width, generally about a fifth of the face width. So that’s gap-(eye)-gap-(eye)-gap
    3. Two lines to mark out three thirds the distance from that eye line to the base of the chin. Now you have a marker for the base of the nose and base of the mouth.
    4. Pupils when looking straight on, generally line up with the edges of the lips.
    5. Every face is different and will break the rules – so ignore 1-4, but at least you have now a vague proportion basis to work out from.

    Hope that helps, all the best,

      1. That’s good, I’m sure that most of David Hockney’s portraits wouldn’t get close and they’re some of the most valuable – it’s better to have made YOUR impression of the person than for it to be technically accurate.

        I only mentioned because you said ‘well proportioned’. As it happens your proportions are good anyway, as with your landscapes you have a strong stylistic look there, that’s something I’ve yet to achieve so send me some tips 😉

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