At the corner

When I’m about to do something brainless, like watching TV, I often pick up the Ipad to make something productive out of it.

When I start drawing my mind wanders. As a result the drawing often turn out quite random.

I don’t have any plan starting out, and – more often than not – it really shows.

This is my last digital drawing, which took me about five and a half hours to finish:

I think the drawing is fine, and kind of interesting in a way, but most of all it’s very random.

I guess it’s just a drawing that represents my mind wandering.

I don’t have any thoughts about what it represents or what it means, but I hope you like it 🙂

If you want to see the whole process, this is how it looked:

4 kommentarer om “At the corner

  1. That’s got great depth, I love the dog, I can never draw a straight line, I believe there is a function to use on digital drawings but I haven’t found it yet 🙄

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