A street in Phnom Penh

This is another painting that turned out ok, and nothing more.

It’s based on this photo, which we took during travels in Phnom Penh a few years ago:

I had high hopes painting this one, getting in the deep orange sun and the tuk tuks in front.

I wasn’t able to materialize my hopes, though. It turned out quite disappointing.

But, anyway, I started with the sketch, which ended up as quite a loose version of the photo:

Then came the wash:

And the finished result:

As you can see the sidewalk is gone. So are the parked mopeds and most of the people.

The painting also has way to much colour in it.

It should have been dominated by the orange sunlight, reflected on the street and highlighted by the dark trees.

If only my mind could paint it and not my hands…….. 🙂

But it gave me another opportunity to practice, so I won’t be too bothered about it.

It’s all about the next one!

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      1. I probably could, but to be honest I lack the motivation to work further on this painting ☺ I think my style, as I’ve probably mentioned before, is a bit too cartoonish, but I guess I should just embrace it ☺☺

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