Another boat on another sea

After a few painting motifs on land, I needed to get back to the marine life again.

More specific, some boats on water at the harbour.

This one is actually drawn and painted from pure imagination, which makes the process much more fun.

I didn’t take any pictures of the sketch or wash, but this is the finished result:

There is some glare on the paper from the sun, which makes the wheelhouse on the biggest boat look a bit brighter than in real life.

It still looks basically the same, though.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, as I’ve struggled a lot lately with making my paintings too dark.

In this one I was about to do a last layer, but I forced myself to quit when I felt I didn’t have anything more to do.

And I’ll remember that until next time, even though this was my last sheet of Saunders Waterford paper, which I’ve really come to like.

Anyway, I think I have paper from some other brands in the back of the closet.

So, on to the next!

7 kommentarer om “Another boat on another sea

  1. Your graduated colours are really good, nice loose washes which I’ve not done myself – it’s a good style.

    If there’s a bit that you think is too light then isn’t it still possible to darken it? Going the other way with watercolour is the biggest problem.

    1. Thank you, Steve ☺ I must admit that I don’t spend much thought about my choices of colour, but, as Laureen mentioned, it’s mostly combinations of blue, yellow and red ☺

      Yes, it probably is possible to darken it. I just have a hard time continuing with a painting when it feels done ☺

    1. Thank you, Laureen ☺ Yes, I do mostly use reds, blues and yellows, but I haven’t really thought about it before. That’s a fun fact to know about my own colour preferences ☺

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