Almost there..

Recently, I decided to try to paint a photo we took during travels in Vientiane, Laos in 2015.

We took the photo while walking along the promenade, and it looks like this:

What made me want to paint it are all the sharp edges and angles of the buildings, and the way the shadows move around on the rooftops.

So, to make the story short, I started drawing up a sketch:

I tried to keep it loose, but kept the rooftops sharp to get the strong angles to pop out.

Then I started adding layers, working wet-in-wet:

I know that the road to the left ended up as a small hill. It just happened…

Anyway, I think the rooftops ended up quite nice, and gives a nice contrast against the light walls.

The other houses looks okay as well, sitting snuggly next to each other.

The two cars and the tree to the right looks far worse, though.

I’m disappointed with the tree especially, which just got way to dominating.

Also, it almost looks like the streets are flooded with water… But what looks like waves is supposed to be shadows from the tree.

It’s a bit unnatural shadow, though.

In the end I decided to add some finishing touches to it as a second layer:

I don’t know if it made it any better, but I don’t think it got any worse.

To sum up, I think I’m on the right track when it comes to painting city scenes.

I just need to put more thought and planning to the details, which I may or may not take time to do next time… 🙂

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  1. Looks good, on my phone screen your painting is only about 3.5cms across and I have you admit I thought they were boats on a river at first glance.

    As Elaine said there’s a lot going on in the photo so I think you actually did a good job. The rooftops are awesome.

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