A street in a warm place

After a very disappointing session last time, I wanted to get right back at watercolour painting to try to change that unpleasant feeling.

After a closer look at the process of my last painting, I had some main areas I wanted to improve in this new session.

  • Don’t be too exact with the sketch, and try to lift the pencil from the paper as little as possible.
  • Add and mix lots of colours in the wash, and try to blend the paint on the paper using irregular strokes rather than doing it on the palette.
  • Don’t paint over too much of the wash in the following layers. Let some of the light areas stay.
  • Don’t get caught up in too many details.

So, all of this in mind, I started with the sketch:

To be honest, I think this sketch – being me making it – turned out a lot better than the last one.

I let my lines be a bit more squiggly and kept the pencil on the paper. I’ll definitely keep on doing this.

Then came the wash, which I’m actually quite pleased with as well:

The buildings on the right site got a bit too blue and dark, but all in all there’s a lot of colours in this wash compared to the last one.

The second layer ended up like this:

A street in a warm place

All in all it’s an improvement from my last painting, so I’m pleased with that.

What I’m not pleased with is:

  • The way the people turned out. There are simply too many edges on them, which makes them look more rigid.
  • The booths on the left side. They were supposed to be part of the buidlings, but as I made them they started to take their own shape out on the street. So I decided to just go with it.
  • The windows and doors are maybe a bit too detailed when it comes to them being surrounded by dark paint.
  • The colour of the street turned out very unexciting.

However, I’m very pleased with how the diner/bar in the distance turned out, with the outlines of heads and bodies forming nicely against the buildings.

The blends of colours in the second layer also became an improvement.

So, to sum up, I got rid of the unpleasant feeling from my last painting, and are filled with more optimism for the future ones.

There’s still a lot to improve, though. But I think I’m on the right track.

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