A bit disappointing..

This is a painting I’m not very pleased with:

Disappointing boats

Simply because I made a lot of mistakes making it.

Firstly, I didn’t blend enough colours together during the wash.

Secondly, I repainted a lot of my strokes, which made the painting way too dark.

There’s a lot I would do differently if I was to paint it again:

– I would certainly not have done two washes on the sky, pavement and boats
– I would have used a weaker blend of paint for the boats second layer
– I would use less lines for details, and a thinner brush for the lines in the distance
– I would be less careful when adding the first wash, not being too concerned about where the colours end up

This is the sketch:

This is the wash:

And, again, the finished product:

I think the last layer is definitely where it went really wrong.

The colours look much better after the first wash, and I should have kept more of it.

I’m also going to start using more mixed strokes when adding the paint, getting a more loose look.

So, to sum up, this is one for the bin.

But I think – or hope – it has taught be a valuable lesson 🙂

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    1. Hi, Michael. And thank you for the reply 🙂
      For some reason you’ve ended up in Akismets spam filter, so I noticed your comment by a coincident. Don’t know why that happended….
      Anyway, I think I do need to be a bit critical towards my own work. It keeps me going. But it’s not good to be too critical either 🙂

    1. Thank you, Tilly 🙂 I’ve never thought about it like that. It’s always nice when someone else has a different view on my paintings. It makes me see them in a new way as well 🙂

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself! I know it is difficult when you are still learning. It is very tempting to get hung up on what detail did not work out in the piece the way you wanted it to be. You are at a point where your taste is very advanced but your hand just does not want to do what you see in your head. This is normal (and to an extend this will never go away). But focus on things that worked out well, too. Sometimes it is good to give yourself a moment to feel achievement! I think you work well with perspective, especially if you compare the position of the three boats. The colors in general work very well together, e.g. look at the color of the ground in comparison to the figures. They just blend well with each other und you can really feel the shaddow and mood of the piece. I think you are doing well!

    1. Thank you, Soph 🙂 Yes, I do think you’re right about my mind wanting to do what my fingers can’t, and that is very frustrating. I always have a pretty clear idea about how my paintings will turn out, but they never end up like that. Often I get very disappointed, but after a few days I get some distance to the painting and I find that compared to my other paintings they aren’t actually that bad. I appreciate you bringing up some features that you liked, and I can see things that tunred out well when I take a closer look. It’s nice to take some time to really see that there is progress in it.

      I think I need to be a bit disappointed from time to time, though. It just keeps me wanting to get better. I do, however, find that my goals and ambitions change as I move forward. So I think you’re right about the feeling of reaching for somthing better never really goes away 🙂

      1. It is the same for me actually, Sometimes I really don’t like a piece, but when I look at it two weeks later, I don’t understand why I was so disappointed anymore.

        I agree with that a actually. You need to strive to be better and see you mistakes that you made. But also take the time, as you said, to appreciate the progress you are making. You are on a good way!

  2. You are always way too hard on yourself Kim, there is no such thing as a bad painting because as you’ve stated you have learned something! Personally I really like it.

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