Drawing the ocean

In my last post I ended up, rather unplanned, to find a new technique for drawing water.

Basically just adding lines along each other to make the indication of some moving waves.

I found the discovery very exciting, so I wanted to have another go at it to get some more practice.

So I drew up some boats to make the session a bit more fun, adding some birds to the scene as well.

Out to sea

I think the water looks fine in this drawing too, but the closest part of it ended up looking a bit off.

I think I need to soften up the lines and angles a bit to make it better.

But that will be done in another drawing, so I don’t have to start fiddling restlessly with this one.

If you want to see the whole drawing from start to finish in one minute and thirty seconds you can do so here:

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      1. I find it easier to do clouds using blurry oil , I used to draw them. I seem to be doing mainly blending now only using one or two layers 😉

      2. I’ve used the airbrush tool when colouring drawings, but not to make clouds. I basically just use the studio pen :p I bet there’s a lot of cool features I’ve never used ☺

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