At the dock

I just can’t get enough of boats and the marine life at the moment, so here comes another addition to the sea inspired watercolour paintings.

This one is inspired by some photos I found on google, adding and removing some features by my own wishes.

My goal with the painting was to get in as many boats as possible, create some light and dark areas and get in some people to make it a bit more interesting.

At the dock

I think the painting worked out well. But I could have considered adding some more colour to the people.

The boats and sand are showing some colour, so I guess it would only be logical that the colour on the clothes would show through the dark as well.

Anyway, this painting was a very fun process, and even more fun because I didn’t use any tutorials making it.

I have a lot of frames standing on my work table as well, so I decided to add one to the painting and see how it looked.

Framed painting

I still don’t feel that any of my paintings deserve a frame yet, but I’m feeling that I’m getting closer.

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    1. Thank you, Amy ☺ I really appreciate it. Actually, I’ve come to like it more now that I’ve got some distance to it, and I’m happy with how the boats turned out ☺

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