Runde Lighthouse

A few posts ago, I did a painting of my grandfathers boat on the Island Runde.

It really made me want to do more paintings with the Island as a theme, so for this painting I decided to do one of the old lighthouse.

It stands on a secluded part of the Island, which makes it necessary to walk up and over a mountain to get to it, or visit it by boat.

The light points straight out on the Atlantic Ocean, and the Island has seen it’s share of storms over the years.

The setting for this painting, though, is a summer evening with some lights showing from the houses below.

Runde lighthouse

I think the lighthouse itself looks good, done in a loose style.

The sky also got some different shades of blue, which I think turned out nice.

The house on the far right looks like a disaster, though. But fortunately it’s not in the center of the painting.

All in all, I’m quite pleased 🙂

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