Canals of Venice

We went to Venice a couple of years ago.

Only doing paintings at the time, I didn’t see all the potential the city has for sketching.

So I wanted to draw some now, based on both memory and photos.

The canals are pretty fascinating, so I ended up concentrating on those.

The first one is of the small ferry boats we used to travel between the main city and the islands around.

It feels like a bus, really, just jumping on and off at brief stops at the terminals.

I don’t have a good photo of them, so I used a photo from google as reference.

This is the sketch:

Canals of Venice 2

The second one is of the gondolas, sliding along the canals in huge numbers.

Actually, such huge numbers that it looked like a few too many.

They still look pretty cool though, and it’s fascinating how they steer them with just one oar.

The sketch looked like this (and got a bit too yellow)..

Canals of Venice

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