A Beetle in Mexico

Another couple of sketches, as I just have so much fun drawing them at the moment.

The first one is of a Volkswagen Beetle, which we walked by in Cozumel, Mexico a few years back.

Cozumel, Mexico

This is actually my first attempt on drawing a «proper» car (I think), and for some reason I really wanted it to be blue.

Also, I decided to work on one of the most challenging rules of drawing with this one (at least for me). That is to draw what you see, not what you think you see.

So I tried to just look at parts of the car. See where the lines went, and how the curves really looked. Not being bothered by my thoughts about «this can’t be right» or «it must be this way instead».

Now, I think I used about 15 minutes on it, and it ended up like this:

A beetle in Mexico

I know there’s nothing perfect about this one, but I think I got the basic shape of the car well enough for it to look «right».

That was a small confidence boost for me.

The other sketch was of a crowded street in Hanoi, which may have been a task a bit too big for my skill level.

Anyway, the photo looked like this:

Hanoi, Vietnam

And my sketch looked like this:

A crowded street in Hanoi

Fun to draw, but not my favourite of sketches.

Anyway, I’ll get right back to it now and make some more of them 🙂

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