The main street of Oatman

For this painting, I wanted to have a go at the main street of Oatman, US, which we visited in 2014.

This is the photograph I decided to use:

Oatman, Arizona

I don’t have any pictures of either the initial sketch or wash, though.

This because it actually took me three attempts to get a painting I was able to finish (Oh, the agony!).

The first one got too dark.

The second one got overpainted.

The last one ended up okay, and looked like this:

The main street of Oatman

I think I should’ve used more contrasts than I did, simply by using more of the lighter wash on the buildings and people.

I’m also aware that I didn’t include the donkeys.

I just couldn’t get them looking right.

I clearly need more practice painting buildings, people and cars. But it was fun to have another go at it.

Now, on to the next one 🙂

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