A watercolour bouquet

In my last post I ended up making a marker bouquet.

This was my first attempt at drawing a bouquet, and afterwards I really got an urge to repeat it.

It just felt extremely calming drawing the petals and flowerheads, and giving them some colour.

This time I wanted to use an approach I’ve seen used by Patty Anne at Patty Anne – Art, which has ended up with some terrific results.

I started with painting on some flower and leaf shapes on the paper, and then drew around them with a fine liner afterwards.

So basically the opposite of what I would have done before I saw this technique.

So this was the painting:

A watercolour bouquet

And this ended up as the finished result:

A watercolour bouquet

Still some way to go, but I think it ended up decent-looking 🙂

On to the next!

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