A gas station in Death Valley

This was an attempt to paint a gas station in Death Valley, California, which we visited on a road trip in 2014.

A gas station in Death Valley

We actually had kind of a nerve wracking start to the whole trip, as an oil lamp suddenly got turned on on the dashboard of our rental car.

At this point we were well into the valley, and therefore quite happy when we saw this gas station turn up alongside the road (even though it turned out on the phone with the rental company that the lamp just indicated that it was time for an oil change)…

The gas station was closed, though, so we got back in the car and continued our trip with a lighter heart, getting to experience up to 50 degrees Celsius along the way (122 degrees Fahrenheit).

A bit too warm for me, but fun to feel such heat on your skin.

Anyway, the painting turned out a bit more cartoonish than I wanted, not being able to paint in the loose style that I had in mind.

I should have been a bit less maticulous with the lines.

But it was fun to relive the memory.

On to the next!

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    1. How wonderful! ☺ I do try to tell the story when there is one. This one’s stuck in my mind, as we pictured ourselves in the middle of the desert with no working car ☺

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