Working the shadows

This painting is based on a tutorial by Tim Wilmot.

For me it was a good practice painting shadows.

Not just light patches, but really dark contrasts.

It was also good fun trying to paint some farmland houses, with some sharp edges to it.

They just look much cooler than the city buildings, if you ask me.

Anyway, it started out with a sketch and a wash:

Then came the final layer:

Working the shadows

To be honest I’m neither pleased nor disappointed with it.

I think the house on the far right turned out nice.

The roof on the other house ended up too dark.

Also, the trees and shrubs at the end of the street got a bit too dark and dominating, and the people in the street didn’t get an optimal shape.

The blue shadows over the street and lawn looks pretty cool, though 🙂

So I’ll take this is as a fun session, giving me some practice to keep working on.

On to the next!

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