It just doesn’t look right

Today I wanted to do a watercolour painting of a floating village we passed in a boat when we were traveling in Vietnam a few years back.

It was just south of Halong bay, floating outside a harbour.

There was also dogs living there (which I drew in on the sketch but forgot to paint…).

The local guides said the reason for this was that dogs sensed weather changes long before humans, so they’ll know when storms are coming and are able to prepare.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it was a funny sight to see a dog living on a floating village.

I took a picture of it when we passed:


So I did a quick sketch, trying to keep it loose and undetailed.

Seeing it afterwards, it kind of looks like a kids drawing.

It’s also a bit too detailed…

The sketch

Afterwards I did a quick wash, which I think made it look better as it erased some of the details:

The wash

I then did the second layer, but I felt a bit unsure as to how I’d go on painting it.

I didn’t have a good plan, so I just added some paint here and there, and hoped it would turn out good.

Floating city, Vietnam

To repeat the title; it just doesn’t look right…

I feel it looks like a blend between a kids drawing and a quick sketch.

Not a painting at all.

This has been the problem every time since I stopped using tutorial videos.

Maybe I need to go back to them for a while..

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  1. I really like this one. It has a lovely selection of analogous colours in the main with some great contrasts where you’ve painted the people.

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