Going solo – second attempt

My first attempt on making a watercolour painting without any help or guidance turned out quite bad.

Read all about it in my last post.

With bad paintings, it’s often best to get on with the next one as soon as possible.

But todays painting ended up more like a sketch than a painting..

London house

I wanted to do a take on a photograph from London a few years back, with a curved building on a street corner.


So I did an outline sketch and a wash.

My goal was to find the most important parts of the photograph, and concentrate on them alone.

This to prevent my countless (and failing) attempts on trying to paint everything in a motive, exactly how it looks.

I also wanted to paint it in a loose style, to kind of «get away» with everything not being perfect.

I then did the second layer, trying to keep hold of the style.

To sum up; I’m happy with the colours on the pavement, and the fact that I remembered to keep some spots unpainted this time.

The people also turned out better than my last attempts.

I think the colours play an important role in it looking like a sketch, though.

The main building have a blend of colours I’m quite pleased with. Even though the details could have been a bit better.

The other buildings only have one main colour, though.

It makes them look too basic and flat.

I’ll learn from those mistakes, and remember the good parts for future attempts.

At least it turned out better than the last one 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Avi 🙂 And thank you for following my site. I’m glad you like the painting. I find watercolour painting both very fun and very difficult. But the look of the colours blending together are amazing with this medium. I am learning, and hoping to improve 🙂

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