Loose cars in France

Another watercolour session.

This painting is based on a tutorial by Tim Wilmot teaching how to paint cars in a loose style.

I’ve often struggled with drawing and painting both cars, boats, bikes etc., so this was a much needed exercise for me.

Anyway, I started with a quick sketch.

Again, keeping it loose, not adding too many details and just work with the placement of the basic shapes and the perspectives.

It took about 10 minutes and ended up like this (poor quality of the photo, sorry!..):


I especially had a hard time keeping the sketches of the cars loose.

I felt an urge to draw windows, doors, wheels etc., even though I know it makes it look worse when I do.

It feels so good to be able to keep myself from it, though. Just letting the lines draw freely.

And so much pressure of getting everything correct is avoided.

Anyway, now it was time for the initial wash, playing around with warm and cold colours.


The warm colours went on the buildings and the cool ones on the pavement.

The cars are left untouched, though, leaving the white of the paper for highlights later on.

I also left a blank space for a person walking past the parking lot on the right side.

As you can see there are some patches of paint here, which I tried to remove as best I could after this picture was taken.

So, it was now time to add some details, and I started out with the buildings.

Here I added another layer with a bit darker paint.

I then did a light wash on the pavement and on the lower parts of the cars.

Leaving this drying I went back to the buildings, adding some details to windows, doors, walls, etc.

Then it was time to add some details to the cars, paint in the man on the right side and finish it off by painting the tree in the upper left side.

This is how it looked:

Loose cars in France

I’m very happy with how the pink car turned out.

I’m unhappy with the way the blue car next to it ended up, and that’s because I started adding to much details to it…..

The two cars on the sides are ok.

The stem of the tree are much to light, and I could have used different shades of colour to separate the two buildings on the right side.

I think the colours are cool, though. It makes an exciting mix.

So, another one down, lessons learned and hoping to improve in the future!

Now on to the next one!

8 kommentarer om “Loose cars in France

  1. It turned out really nice! I love how you used the color to add to the shape that your lines are hinting at and the colors are well balanced. I can relate to your struggle to paint loosely. I try to learn how to draw spacecraft at the moment and it is really hard to stick to the essential shapes. Anyhow, well done!

    1. Thank you 🙂 It sure is hard painting in a loose style. Even when I try to don’t care about the lines or some minor details I spend way to much time trying to correct them. Suddenly it just looks awful. It really seems to pay off spending less time on each painting, just letting it flow 🙂

      1. I made this observation, too. But sometimes it is hard to controll one’s own perfectionism. I have been trying to follow the 80%-rule. Works quite well to prevent frustration with the process and endresult.

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