Into the city

I’m getting in a lot of watercolour time at the moment, which I really enjoy as I do feel there’s some progress in my painting.

So this one is another tutorial based painting, made from a video by Tim Wilmot.

The scene is from the South of France, I think, with some brick buildings, a few cars, some people and a lot of shadows.

(PS: My first attempt ended in the trash after the initial wash, and I forgot to take new photos during the process of the second attempt. So I’m using the photos from my first attempt to show the outline sketch and the wash. It’s pretty similar to the second one, so I think it’ll work).

The outline sketch

Anyway, so I started with a loose drawing to set the scenery.

This basically includes the street we’re standing in, a few houses in the street above, two cars and a few people.

It’s still hard, but I did my best to not draw too many details and keep the lines loose.

the wash

Next I did the wash, where I followed the tutorial videos tip about using warm and cold colours together.

Warm colours for the parts of the scenery which is in the sunlight, and cold colours for the shadowed parts.

I forgot too leave the cars unpainted is this attempt, though, but the people on the right side is still somewhat untouched.

(Now, as I started putting in details this painting went all wrong. So I just tossed it and tried to do a new sketch and wash as quickly as possible to get back to this stage.

This being done, and after putting in the second layer, the new painting ended up like this:

A stroll in the city

Again; I’m quite happy with the result, even though there’s a lot to improve in future paintings.

What I like best about this one is the fact that I think I used the right strength of colours.

I’ve struggled with the last few paintings because I haven’t compensated enough for the colours weakening when it dries.

Here the colours are as strong as I wanted them to be.

The people on the right side are ok, and a bit better than the ones in my last tutorial painting, which I’m happy about.

The car to the left is also quite nice, I think, and the first time I’ve been able to use the white of the paper as highlights.

In retrospect I could have been more bold with the blends of colours, though.

Maybe using stronger shades of both blue, green and red.

The buildings on the left and right side of the painting are also quite poor.

Anyway, another one down. Let’s get on with the next one!


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