A Venezia stroll

I’m having some spare time during the evenings at the moment, which gives me a wonderful opportunity to get some hard exercise on my watercolour painting.

My last painting left me with a feeling of progress, and it was with some fear of falling back I sat down for my next attempt.

And, as with the last painting, this one as well is based on a tutorial video by Tim Wilmot.

So, this painting is based on a photograph from Venezia, Italy.

We were actually there last summer, which gave me an extra motivation to do this painting tutorial.

I may have walked this very street, by I can’t remember so I won’t claim that I have either.

Outline drawing

Anyway, the first step was to add a loose background drawing, to get a sense of where the basic shapes would go.

This is not an exact copy of either the photo nor the tutorial video, but pretty close. (And, as I’ve learned, you shouldn’t make an exact copy, but pick out the parts you want to show the viewer).

Base wash

Anyway, now it was time for the base wash, to get in some background colour (I don’t know if it’s actually called a base wash, though – since I don’t know any «watercolour language» – but that’s what I’ve decided to call it).

As almost every tutorial video tells you, the watercolour fades a bit when it dries.

That means that you should use a bit stronger colours than you need on the brush, to compensate for it.

I think I – again – went to light on the paint. Which gave me too weak colours when it had dried.

But it was no disaster, so I’ll just try and do it better next time.


It was now time for the main work, by adding some details, shadows and structures.

The ocean and the city scape in the background did not turn out that good, I think. I actually tried to redo it, which made it look worse.

The buildings on the left side is ok, though, and the people are tolerable as well.

What I like best about this painting however, is the general mix of colours on the paper.

I think it makes it all look a bit more exciting.

I used a squirrel mop brush for this layer, which I think is very fun to work with.

You get some effects that a flat brush just can’t give you. It also gives you a lot of unexpected effects, which can turn out a bit unsatisfying…

But, I’m pleased with the outcome, and ready to get on with more painting.

There’s a lot in this painting which can get a whole lot better!

8 kommentarer om “A Venezia stroll

  1. Kim, I think this picture is charming! As artists we tend to be our own hardest critics. Your skills are improving by leaps and bounds. Please don’t be so hard on yourself and paint for the enjoyment you get out of it!

    1. Thank you for the support, Ruth 🙂 I do feel that the progress has gone well in my watercolour painting, but I do look for the faults before I see the positives in a painting 🙂 I do enjoy it anyway, but I try to look for more of the positives than I used to. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not 🙂

  2. Great to see that you’ve turned your endless talents to watercolour! I really like the gestures you’ve used on the figures, and the colours are nice and subtle – very much like a good memory!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. You’re very kind with me 🙂 I’m very glad you like the painting. Drawing people aren’t easy for me. I’m not totally satisfied with how they turned out, but I think they are okay. But, I just love watercolour, and are very happy to be starting out with it as a new medium 🙂

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