It’s starting to get annoying

If you’ve in any way followed this blog the resent month, you may have noticed that I’m trying to learn to paint using watercolour.

The first try did not go well

The second try went a big better

The third try was a small setback

And now it was time for my fourth attempt…

So, for hours I sat drawing a suburban brick building from one of my tutorial books.

This was going to be my best work yet.

So I first finished the pencil drawing.


After an hour or two, finishing it up, I did a couple of hours of pen work to get in what I thought was the most important details.

As you can see, I used a ruler to draw the structures of the building.

In retrospect I regret it.

The straight lines take away any personal touch from the drawing, and it makes it look way to “correct”.

It’s almost like it becomes worse the more work you put into it. Because all the ruler work makes the not so straight lines look bad.

It also takes away the chance of those happy mistakes, which often turn out to be the best part of the drawing or painting.

Anyway, it was now time to put some paint on it. And this time it was NOT going to get too dark again.

So I drew up some areas that I wanted to leave untouched by paint, using it as highlights.

I then did a very light blend of black and white to add to the sky, a bit darker for the buildings and pavement, and an even darker one for the people on the street.

I then set to work with my loose plan.

Soon enough I started adding paint here and there on a whim.

Then I tried correcting it, which added paint to the areas I had planned to leave untouched.

Then I started to paint over the paint before it had dried, because I got stressed out about ruining it.

Then it all became to dark, so I tried just adding more water to lighting it up.

Then I panicked and just startet adding blue colour to the top of it, making it flow downwards and hope it made a cool effect to the sky.

Then I saw that it didn’t work.

Then I just painted over the whole thing with water in frustration.

Then I thought; I might as well take a picture for this post.

Then I god depressed and threw it in the trash.


Learning watercolour painting is starting to get annoying…

But I have no intentions giving up.

6 kommentarer om “It’s starting to get annoying

  1. Don’t give up!

    Perhaps the videos by Coco Bee on youtube can help you.

    Do you know Liz Steel. I love her architecture paintings. She has a blog, too.

    I hope you’ll get good tips.

    1. I won’t!
      And thank you for the boost of motivation ☺
      No, I haven’t heard of either of them, but I’ll check them out then.
      I have used a few tuutorial videos from youtube the last few days, and they have helped me a lot with understanding the whole process ☺

  2. Don’t give up on it!! You’re being so much more persistent and devoted to it than anyone I’ve known! Most people I personally have known give up on the medium completely. Heck, the methods you are using, I don’t even use myself! I never bothered with the tubes. Sometimes I’ve used the palettes, and in fact later this year might pick it up again. Most of my stuff are with the coloured pencils that you can also wet. Just the way I was taught, and taught myself, I suppose. And honestly, a lot of artists out there self teach themselves, which is basically what you’re doing! Just keep trying! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the pep talk, Kate. I do appreciate it ☺ I have both pencils, tubes and pans, so I have no intention of giving up on it. Hopefully It’ll work itself out in the end ☺ Besides, I’ve had so many bad days with both oils and acrylics, so I’m used to the disappointments. And often they are followed by a few good sessions ☺

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