Down at the docks

I don’t feel like I’ve really gotten the hang of watercolour painting yet.

What to do first? When to draw with ink? how to get the colours to blend right?

It’s all a bit unclear to me.

To try and get some kind on grip on it, I had a go at a digital watercolour painting the other day.

Doing it digitally gave me the luxury of trying and failing without wasting any paint or paper, and it gave me a few new perspectives on how to move forward.

There’s still a long way to go, but this is how the whole thing turned out:

Untitled_Artwork(1) kopi

8 kommentarer om “Down at the docks

  1. It’s great to see how other artists are experimenting with new techniques. It makes me feel I’m not alone pursuing my dream 👍

  2. I like the gradation you got in the water and it’s an interesting composition. As a sailboat owner, I would wish for round, taller piling next to the pier. Those pointed things in the water would be hazards to the hull in rough water.

  3. The thinking process with watercolor is different from other types of paint because watercolors are transparent. So, instead of painting from back to front and being able to cover up areas that didn’t turn out the way one wanted, watercolorists paint “light to dark, and large to small.” The white of the paper is used instead of white paint (unless one goofs, and then a little white gouache saves the day!)

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