50 followers: Thank you for tagging along

When I first registered this site, my goal was to reach one follower.

If one person found what I was doing interesting, and wanted to tag along, it would alone make it worth keeping on publishing.

To reach 50 followers this week is therefore a fantastic milestone, and I want to thank everyone who is following this site for the support.

As a bonus, I’ve gotten to know (in an online version) a lot of great artists, and the joy of following so many talented people to get inspired by.

So, beeing in kind of a sentimental state, I’ve decided to take a look back at some of the pieces that have meant a lot to me. Here goes:

1. The first painting:

First ever

In the summer of 2015 I decided to get a hobby, as I didn’t feel like I used my free time doing anything productive.

I decided to try out painting, and drove to the mall to buy a starter set with some oil paint, a few brushes and a palette.

I got home, sat down, and just lost myself in the whole painting process. After several hours this were the result, and I remember being very pleased with it.

The reflections in the water and the trees in front were my favourite features. My interest in painting was spiked.

2. My first favourite


This is my fifth og sixth painting, I think, and the first one that I felt really proud of.

I painted the background using my fingers, a fan brush for the trees and a flat brush for the mountain.

Afterwards it felt like a real breakthrough in my painting, and I was on a high the rest of the day.

3. All the bumps


There’s been so many failed paintings over the years that I lost count of it a long time ago.

I would think that two out of three paintings has ended in the trash, which do not make me want to sum up how much money I’ve basically thrown out the window.

Often, when I get very disappointed I end up just smearing my unused paint over the canvas in pure frustration. Very mature, I know..

I’ve gotten better at it over the years, though. And looking back it has been a vital part of my learning experience.

4. Starting to draw

Starting out painting, I always went straight on putting paint on the canvas.

With time, I found out that it can be an advantage making a basic pencil drawing to work from.

Drawing, both with pencils, pens and markers, has taken an increasing part of my time doing hobbys, and I find it very rewarding.

Both when it comes to using drawings to paint from, or drawing something as a main medium.

These are some of my favourites.

5. A new breakthrough

In 2017 it felt like another breakthrough with my paintings, taking it to a new level.

I found that the landscape paintings bagan to look more real, and less and less of them (but still quite a few…) ended up in the bin.

It difinitely gave me a motivational boost to keep on going.

6. Starting out with watercolour

This is the medium I feel I have the least hang of, and the one I feel the greatest urge to get better at.

Since starting out a year ago I’ve basically drawn pen drawings, using watercolour practically in the same way as using markers.

In the future I want to get better at playing around with the colours and using different layers.

7. Going digital

Taking on digital drawing and painting has given me so much more time practicing on my techniques.

You can take the tablet with you on the bus, in the car, in the sofa in the evening or when you have some free time during the day, and just get right to it.

No need to pick up anything other than the drawing pen, and you can start and stop the session in just a second.

It’s not the same feeling as working with the physical mediums, but it sure is both fun and practical. And no mess at all!

8. Taking on acrylics

Acrylics is not a medium I’ve been spending a lot of time with, but I do like the qualities of a fast drying medium.

During my acrylics sessions I’ve taken a more abstract approach to the paintings, and it has therefore become my abstract painting medium.

I’ve just stacked up on some new paint tubes, and are looking forward to go ahead on some new attempts.

9. The road ahead

If anyone is still reading, thanks you for listening to all my rambling.

Having spent a lot of time during the last year trying out new mediums I think the road ahead will be very exciting.

I feel that I in a greater degree now can pick the mediums that suit my wants, and that is a very good feeling to have.

It has broaden my horizon quite a bit, learning a lot of new techniques. There still is a long way to go though, seeing all the great work people are doing out there.

I don’t know how far I’ll get myself, but I think the journey will be fun nonetheless!



20 kommentarer om “50 followers: Thank you for tagging along

    1. I’m sorry. I think I, by a mistake, republished all my posts on wordpress. Which would just totally spam everyone I follow. That’s not good at all….I’m glad you liked the recap though 🙈

  1. Congratulations on 50 followers! What an amazing process so far, and thank you for sharing your journey! Some of those I haven’t seen yet and must be pretty far deep in your posts. 🙂

    1. Thank you ☺ I’m super excited about so many people wanting to follow me through the process. The best part of it is getting to know other people that have the same passion, and sharing our thoughts and experiences. Like yourself ☺ I think it’ll take some time scrolling down to my first post, yes. And when I wrote it, I honestly never thought I would get any followers at all ☺

      1. I’m sure having a small little backing of support is a huge help in the process and the motivation to keep going. And yes, I do agree it’s nice to share with others that have similar interests – it’s interesting to see how others do it!

  2. Congratulations! I always look forward to your posts. I like the one here where you’ve just splashed the paint across the canvas – the colours are vivid and so is the sense of movement. Sometimes there can be happy accidents! 🤗

    1. Thank you so much, Phil! I am honored that you’ve chosen to follow them 🙂 There certainly are some vivid colours in it, which was not in my mind when I smeared it on directly from my palette 😉 But I guess there’s something there to take notice of 🙂

  3. This is a nice overview of your journey, Kim! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    You’ve shown us how life has improved your art (practice, trying new media, looking at others’ work, etc.) How has art changed the rest of your life? Are you looking at things differently now? Do you see colors and shapes that you didn’t before? Do you get excited when you see something you want to paint or draw?

    1. Thank you, Ruth. I’m very glad you like it 🙂 I think art has changed my life quite a bit, and you are basically spot on in your questions 🙂 I’m looking at things very differently than before. For example the actual colours reflections gives to water, the shapes of buildings in squares, circles and triangles, or the actual perspectives we see our surroundings in 🙂 I see new motives to paint all the time. Especially themes involving the ocean. Sometimes I try to take a picture, but most of the time I try to remember them the best I can. Unfortunately there is a lot more motives I want to paint than actual paintings I get to finish before I forget them 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the 50 followers! There are some pieces in your post that I haven’t seen before, and I think they are great – especially «Getting some air» and your mountain landscapes. Your failed attempts made me laugh: I do the same thing. I actually have a landscape painting with «sh*t» (sorry for my cursing, everyone) written across. Well done, I am looking forward to your next post. — Laureen

    1. Haha. I love that you physically wrote «shit» on a painting. That cracked me up. Maybe I’ll try that next time when I feel particularly frustrated 😀 Thank you for your kind words, though. I’m glad I got to show you some new stuff through this post 🙂 Looking forward to follow your journey as well 🙂

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