A red mountain. Is it anything to it?

This is the result of a very unplanned and unmotivated session.

I wanted to paint something, but didn’t know what and didn’t know how.

A recipe for a bad result, even though it can sometimes create a good outcome. It didn’t this time…

I had a canvas laying around that I spray painted black a while back. I thought it would look good if I created a strong contrast to it by adding some bright colour.

Since I had no plan going into it, the easiest way to get the job done was using a palette knife. So I started making out what I imagined was a mountain in red. I’ve made some mountains this way, which has turned out quite nice. It didn’t this time…

After about 15 minutes I was out of ideas and quite lost regarding what to do next. So I simply stopped, adding it to the collection of bad sessions.

This is how it looked:


Not good, but I wonder if anyone who’s reading this has any idea about how I could make something like this work?

Is it anything to it, or is it just not a good idea using a palette knife on a black canvas like this? I would love some thoughts on it 🙂

Just to be a bit adventurous, I decided to put the picture of the painting into photoshop and play around a bit with light and contrast.


I have to say that it did look a bit better getting the colours stronger, and a bit more fragmentet. And afterward the original painting just looked a lot more boring! 🙂

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  1. This reminds me of some sort of volcano upon looking at this. Maybe it’s some sort of fire or smoke effect. Either way it looks cool! But don’t think too much of it, perhaps it can just be an experimental piece and you can move on to something else.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Kate. I’m glad you found something interesting in it 🙂 So far I’ve done exactly what you described; left it alone on went on to something else. Maybe I’ll be inspired one day, and make something more of it 🙂

  2. Hey there. You are way too hard on yourself. I love the red on the black: it has so much expressive energy. Why not hang it on a wall… maybe a table beneath, a vase. Put a few objects on the table. Let yourself see what it would look like as it is supposed to be. A work of art, in context on someone’s wall. I think you will be pleased. Many people would be happy to have such a piece in their modernist room. When people contact me, interested in buying a piece, I hang it on a wall and show them. Then they see the size and get the idea. Just focussing on the actual paint work is not enough. Try it. Your work has the energy of youth, don’t constrain it.

    1. That’s something I’ve never done, and sounds like a refreshing way to look at it. I’ll try that ☺ The results of a painting are often compared to my expectations beforehand, which makes it hard to appreciate it if it turns out differently.

  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I see an evocative painting (yes, I am thinking about Klingons again). My advice would be to set it aside and start something new. Painting from memory or from the gut has a different artistic outcome then when you paint what you see. My guess is that that’s why you are disappointed.

    1. Thanks, Laureen 🙂 It is set aside for the time being, and I’m unsure whether or not I’ll be picking it up again. Starting on something new is probably the best way to proceed 🙂

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