Big wave on shore

Watercolour paint gives a lot of unexpected, surprising and – often – much appreciated details that I haven’t found in any other mediums I’ve used.

Although in a less degree, this also seems to be the case for digital paintings.

Making another sea inspired, digital watercolour painting the other day, I found the details that came up in the blue ocean both unexpected and rather nice.

So I decided to test out some more digital effects, using a cotton option to dab some paint on that hopefully would turn out as a wave.

It did in some way, but maybe in a more overdramatic way than I intended. Lastly I added on a dinghy to make something more concrete out of it.

It wasn’t anything getting to excited about, but using watercolour both in real life and digitally seems to give me more surprises than any other mediums. Which is very fun!


6 kommentarer om “Big wave on shore

  1. Nice textures on the foam! It has an interesting contrast to the rest of the painting. The top half looks clear and clean and calm, the bottom looks, well foamy and rough!

    1. Thank you 😀 I think the foam ended up as the best part of the painting. The boat, and partly the sea, looks way to digital, which I think breaks with the whole look of the wave. But it was fun to try out some new features 🙂

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