Electric Ocean

Another day, another digital painting 🙂

This one I painted using the watercolour function on procreate, adding a blue-green background for the sky and ocean.

This being done, I started working on the wave. First by adding some darker colours on the inside of the wave, and then a more blue version on top.

I then did a cotton function, dabbing on some foam where the wave hits the ocean surface.

Lastly I added the effect which showes the light playing around through the wave. This is a premade effect, so I shall not take much credit for that detail 🙂

I think it made it look a bit electric though, so I’ve decided to call it «Electric ocean».

Electric ocean

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  1. Nice use of different brushes! I remember doing stuff like this back in art classes when everyone was trying to figure out ‘digital painting’! Phew! Lots of brushes to remember!

    1. Thanks ☺ I don’t know what I’m doing half the time, but I think this one turned out rather nice ☺ I would think digital painting has had quite a development over the last couple of years ☺

      1. Digital Painting indeed had improved and gotten bigger over the last decade, it’s mind blowing! the most important thing is to have fun with it!

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