A Distant Light

Being out and about it can be hard finding the time and occasion to pick up the physical painting brushes.

That’s when I turn to digital brushes, which I find is a brilliant way to get in some practice when other mediums are out of reach.

All I need is my Ipad (or a tablet) and a pen. I don’t get the paint on my hands or the ink on my sleeves, which could be problematic when on the way to doing some other chores.

Anyway, clocking in some digital painting time recently I made this watercolour painting:


I call it «A distant light», and may just have been a touch of melancholy washing over me at the time.

The boats were added on using a pen tool, and the light in the distance is an effect I could basically tap onto the screen.

The sky and ocean is a blend of different watercolours I mixed together.

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