Ocean and Water

Sitting around in my painting room one night, I decided to have an unplanned go at a painting.

I had recently painted over an unsuccessful canvas painting using a black spray paint, and thought I would combine it with some of my blue paint.

I had no plan other than to use a palette knife and see what happened.

I started out laying a light cover of some turquoise blue, followed by another layer with some ocean blue.

After that I mixed out the colours with white paint, and started making out what I imagined was a crashing, foaming wave, far out in a stormy sea.

I didn’t really reflect on the choices I made while painting it, but when I finished and had a real look at it I was quite pleased.

So, I think this’ll be looked back on as a good sessions in the painting room for me. I alreade want to make more paintings like it 🙂


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    1. Thank you, Anna, again ☺ It’s so nice to have people following along the journey and giving feedback ☺ I am really enjoying the palette knife at the moment. It’s great fun to loosen up a bit ☺

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