First painting sold!

My first painting sold, ever, was bought from a local exhibition I participated in just a week ago.

I recently joined a local painting club in the town where I live, and after my first meeting I decided to take part in a pop-up gallery they were planning the following month.

These were the two paintings I decided to put up for show/sale:

The skill level of the other club members were a bit intimidating at first, but after a while I got more comfortable with my own paintings and stopped comparing them to everybody elses. The other members were also very supportive, and I settled with the thought that we all start out as amateurs at first.

Anyway, the pop-up gallery lasted four days, and I had absolutely no expectations regarding anyone wanting to buy the paintings.

I just felt like the exhibition was a fun step for me to take, as this was also the first time I showed of any of my paintings physically.

Well, suddenly on day three there came a message on my phone that the snowy painting was sold. To be honest it just felt surreal, as I did’nt even feel comfortable putting a price on it at all.

But it sure feels like a big step though to have sold my very first painting, and it definitely gave me an extra boost of motivation to keep on painting.

I guess I’ll buy me some more supplies for the unexpected income 🙂

29 thoughts on “First painting sold!

  1. (sorry for the late comments and spam of messages haha I’m just catching up this week on stuff!)
    Congratulations, that’s amazing and would be such a nice feeling! The snowy one on the right is so pretty, and definitely fitting for the season right now! (assuming it’s winter..)

    1. Not at all! It’s so much fun when someone takes an interest in my posts ☺☺ And thank you for all the kind words! It was a huge feeling making my first sale, and very unexpected. It’s quite remarkable to think that someone actually wanted to spend their money on something I’ve made ☺

    1. Thank you, Amy! I will 🙂 I still find it hard to believe that I made a sale, but I’ve actually seen the painting hanging on the wall. The buyer lives in my street ;D

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