Drawing different angles

Through my «On the line»-series of drawings, I’ve been trying to make out the scenery from different angles.

Some of them has a perspective from above, some below, some straight forward and some obliquely.

In my latest drawings I’ve been getting a lot closer to the main characters, though, trying to emphasize the view they’re actually seeing.

This was a totally new experience for me, and gave me a whole new dimension where I could focus on the surroundings of the birds, and not put them in center.

This is how they ended up:

On the line number 7

On the line number 8

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      1. I’ve spent a lot of time learning perspective in the last few months, or really, I should say studying perspective. I’m not sure yet how much I’ve really learned. It’s one of those things that is a real challenge for me. You seem to do quite well drawing from different perspectives.

      2. Perspective is such a challenge for me, even though I understand the concepts of looking up or looking down, I don’t think I could ever complete an accurate drawing from those different positions.

      3. I haven’t seen that before, but it looks very interesting ☺ I use one called «Draw buildings and cities in 15 minutes» right now, but read an old painting book about it before that ☺

      4. I have another book specifically about painting buildings. I picked it up used from Amazon at a bargain price. I haven’t opened it yet, though. I wanted to finish Norling’s book first. I’m finding that knowing how to draw is helpful, but then being able to paint the buildings is another new skill to learn.

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